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Insimili intend to create high technological content product that aims to revolutionise the process of selecting pharmaceuticals, making it faster and more effective.

In fact, bringing a pharmaceutical to market takes a long time (10-15 years) with exorbitant costs (€ 2.8 B). Out of 10,000 candidate compounds, only 20 get through the in vitro and in vivo studies, and of these only 1 will pass the clinical stage and be approved for sale. Increasing the efficiency of this process and the percentage of pharmaceuticals approved would create enormous savings in time and money for pharmaceutical companies and positive consequences for the entire population.

Insimili have patented a device that can mimic the chemical environment inside the human body and so overcome the limitations of traditional in vitro and in vivo experimental models. This product can be integrated directly in common laboratory plastics, enabling immediate implementation by companies and research institutes.

Insimili targets pharmaceutical companies, biotechnological companies, and research institutes.

The project founders are all come from the University of Bologna: Prof Stefania Rapino, main inventor of the technology; Dr Luca Bartolini, PhD; Dr Andreas Lesch, expert in device fabrication and already founder of a biotech spin-off in Switzerland; and Dr Marco Malferrari, PhD in biology and expert in cell cultures. The advisory board includes the professors Gastone Castellani and Francesco Zerbetto.


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