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Italdron is the brainchild of founding partner Luciano Morigi (expert mechanic and energy consultant), who since 2007 has understood the potential of remote piloted aircraft systems (RPAS drones) in civilian applications.

The company operates on two fronts:

  1. Multi-sector multifunctional services with drones
  2. Products to meet the growing market demand

Italdron designs, manufactures and markets Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems (UAVs), specialising in the acquisition of aerial images and data. The objective is to use the company's extensive field experience and efficient research and development department to design, engineer and produce solutions appropriate to the end customer's requirements.

Italdron also offers a hire service, for UAVs equipped with optical sensors adapted to the user's specific needs. Also comes with qualified and fully insured operators.

In order to guarantee a complete and effective service, Italdron has a creative team capable of conceiving and creating the best quality audiovisual products (shooting on the ground and in flight, editing, compositing, post-production).

Italdron markets and offers support on two product lines:

1. High End Drones, intended for specialised operations (high-value, low volume), made in Italy by Italdron for domestic and foreign markets. There are two drones in this category with very high quality features and aesthetics that make them unique.

2. Imported Drones, commissioned by Italdron and produced by Eastern partner companies for low-risk operations (average value, high volume). No matter what the activity, these products offer excellent performance and a high standard of safety (automatic parachute, redundant electronics), as well as a very attractive cost.

Italdron also supplies accessories, increasing the application possibilities of its products. These include: Flir Thermal Cameras, Canon Cameras, GoPro Camcorders, spare parts for worn and damaged elements

Since March 2013, Italdron has been operating out of its new headquarters in Ravenna. With 360 square meters, it includes reception, showroom, creative area, administration, sales office, assembly area, research and development laboratory, logistics and warehousing, indoor test area and virtual set.



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