Regione Emilia-Romagna - Direzione Generale economia della conoscenza, del lavoro e dell'impresa

The Directorate General of Emilia Romagna intervenes in various areas related to the development of regional production and distribution, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the regional policies, the promotion of tourism, the promotion of energy policies and the development of the green economy.

The Directorate is responsible for coordinating industrial research, innovation and technology transfer, as well as the promotion and implementation of regional policies for access to credit, internationalisation and business innovation.

Finally, the Directorate is responsible for coordinating European programs, even including structural fund managing authorities.

In particular, with tenders for innovative startups, the Region supports the launch of new knowledge-intensive businesses based on the economic exploitation of research results, as well as the development of new high-tech products and services. The intervention bears the necessary startup costs and the first investments aimed at company expansion.


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