Innovamol is a leader in the management and interpretation of scientific data, serving both the public and private sectors. Specialising in various areas, including chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the environment, it transforms complex information into fundamental insights for informed decisions.

Founded with the mission of 'Getting knowledge from scientific data' and the vision of 'Science, simply organised', Innovamol emphasises inclusiveness, participation, quality and openness. It constantly works to promote collaboration between the public and private sectors, nurturing a culture of innovation and scientific progress.

Innovamol exploits a 'triple-win' synergy strategy by involving customers, academic institutions, and its own team. This approach facilitates the utilisation of a broad spectrum of often untapped expertise, thanks to a supplier network consisting mainly of universities and research centres of excellence.

Innovamol's team is multidisciplinary and highly qualified, with expertise in various scientific fields such as toxicology, risk assessment, molecular chemistry, biology and systematic reviews. It uses cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to offer innovative and customised solutions.

With a strong track record of interaction with European authorities, Innovamol has earned a reputation for reliability. It offers customised solutions to public and private clients, creating scientific value and regularly disseminating results from the public sector.

Innovamol's key services include data entry, integration, and analysis. It combines sound scientific expertise with innovative tools to deliver meaningful results in various formats, from structured databases to organised reports.

Innovamol uses advanced technologies and in-house tools, including the InnoCLID®, InnoOntology® and InnoLiterature® platforms. These in-house tools facilitate various aspects of data management and analysis, ensuring efficient and accurate results, thus cementing its position as the ideal partner for scientific data processing and analysis.