FIRST — Financing for Innovation, Research and Technological Development

FIRST — Financing for Innovation, Research and Technological Development — is a service designed by ASTER in 1999 with the objective of providing information, insights and guidance on the opportunities and incentives offered by preferential funding.

What does it deal with?

FIRST is an information service on community, national and regional funding (mainly for Emilia-Romagna) in the fields of research and development, innovation and technology transfer, training and researcher mobility, and international cooperation in research and innovation.

Who is it for?

FIRST is aimed at businesses, universities, business associations, science and technology parks, local governments, lending institutions and research, technology transfer and training establishments.

The tools

The service is delivered through:

The website

Enables you to learn more about preferential funding via:

  • News — concise and complete, full details and useful links regarding tenders, events, partner research, policies and legislation
  • Factsheets containing participation conditions, procedures and reference documentation including regulations, tenders and relevant paperwork
  • Focus on in-depth analysis of financing programs
  • Videos, publications and online lessons on finance-related topics

The newsletter

Enables you to access the latest information, every week for free:

  • News exclusive to your areas of interest, selected at the time of enrolment
  • Presented concisely with title, abstract and links
  • Full information, with links to official documentation, forms and reference websites

MY FIRST - this service is for registered users only

Enables you to access your personal page, update your profile, search the newsletter archive, save and search news based on specific parameters, and view the list of tenders and relevant partner research.

Assistance and orientation

Enables you to work with FIRST staff to better understand the opportunities to access preferential funding for research and innovation.

Seminars and open days

Enables you to gain information about tenders and other relevant topics.