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Microhemp Lab is a startup specialized in growing cannabis plants applying advanced techniques for tissue culture. The laboratory uses a variety of technologies and methods to obtain high quality hemp plants that are genetically stable and free of pathogens and contaminants.

One of our main activities is to clean hemp varieties of pathogens and viruses, which have been recently spreading due to the development of the hemp industry on a world scale. This is achieved using specialized techniques, with sterile environments and equipment designed to prevent any form of contamination. Our technicians carefully control the growth environment and monitor the plants for signs of infection, applying the most advanced laboratory research and development techniques. This enables them to:

  • Identify and eliminate incidental harmful pathogenic agents before they can spread to other plants.
  • Conduct significant genetic elimination of a wide range of contaminants.

B2B services and the cannabis industry are developing fast. In addition to cleansing pathogens, when most of the damage has already been done, Microhemp is also ready to offer customers a sort of insurance policy for preserving their genotypes and phenotypes by means of genetic banking. This involves conservation of genetic materials of cannabis varieties for future use, both for reproduction and for research. Genetic conservation can involve techniques developed to efficiently conserve genetic materials over long periods of time.

The basic services provided by Microhemp represent a higher standard compared to a greenhouse for the production of clean clones. We use containers for micro propagation and bioreactors, temporary sterile immersion systems that provide ideal plant growth conditions, with exact monitoring of temperatures, humidity, and nutrient levels. Our laboratory technicians can produce high quality clones free of pathogenic agents and other contaminants, ensuring our customers high stability and production yields during their work cycles. The clones can in turn be used to produce new plants with the same genetic characteristics and vigour as the original phenotype.

Microhemp Lab plays a fundamental role in the development of stable cannabis varieties and the production of high quality hemp plants. In the short term we are able to apply advanced techniques and technologies for B2B services in the cannabis industry. Over a longer term our R&D will be able to apply meristematic and nodal propagation of triploid phenotypes to produce genetically stable plants free of pathogens, as demanded by the market.




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