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Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

T°RED is an innovative startup focused on projects that combine the most advanced research in technology and energy with the architectural design of new urban functional elements and home furnishings design: conception, testing, detailed design, development and marketing, in collaboration with a network of partners.

Among the projects ready for the market:

• Greenlantern - a liquid wood lamp-vase, the first object in the world made with this material;

• LaDinDon and Gulp - seats made with marine technology;

• V/agra - an animated lamp made of 'shape memory' alloys;

• e-QBO - modular, off-grid architecture that accumulates energy independently for various uses (charging hub, wifi hotspot, lounge bar, showroom, infopoint, small spa, etc.)

T°RED won the Giovimpresa award organised by the Flavio Santi Foundation in Piacenza.

The complementary skills and experiences of the founding members include architecture, design, communication, law, management and languages. These skills come together in the form of a cohesive team that is able to confront any of the different challenges that arise in the course of their business activity.

The company has a large array of products that come together under a single cohesive banner, already developed, produced and offered to the market "on demand". T°RED holds the licenses for a series of patents, utility models and trademarks, which together offer a standardised approach to design, research and prototyping in the field of sustainable energy.

For decades, T°RED has collaborated on research activities with international organisations and institutions, such as CNR-IENI and RSE. Prototyping and production are handled by a network of qualified contractors, while the sales network uses primarily alternative and new channels, offering the market not only the finished product, but also allowing consumers to participate in the product development and to understand the various steps of production, through meetings and dissemination of the progress of individual projects.

T°RED is headquartered in Piacenza, where a Labstore will be in operation from September 2013. 



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