Èlevit (BO)

Èlevit is an innovative startup established to bring to market a new technology that combines touch electronics and decorated glass in an unique way.

Èlevit was born out of a degree thesis in electronic engineering by one of the co-founders, developed in collaboration with two SMEs in Bologna, operating respectively in the glass design and embedded electronics sectors.


This new company is involved in the design, production, and marketing of furnishing and fashion accessories. They develop innovations in applied physics using polymethylmethacrylate in the lighting accessories sector. The aim is to develop optical properties for optimizing lighting capacity within the limits of the standards in force.

The unique design products conceived by NICOLAZZARO implement innovations in applied physics capable of achieving new breakthroughs, with patents pending, for the protection of human health.


PMFACTORY srl offers industrial support for the development of new products.

We take care of the product's style, mechanical planning, simulation, production, operations and project management. We work indipendently to develop the product from its concept phase to its production; or by collaborating with the internal teams on specific tasks.

Leave The Sign (RE)

Leave The Sign is a group of professionals who work in innovation and design.

We have patented an energy saving lighting system (ECO-LIGHT) and designed a product called Bill&Will that implements it.

We are in the initial production stage with the intention of advancing a new and innovative lighting philosophy using natural, eco-sustainable materials.