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Touripp is a new portal for finding and comparing organized tours of all forms and prices available on the Web. You simply enter a destination to see all the offers from the best tour operators present on-line, ordered by price.

We help travellers save time and money when selecting an organized tour. A choice is provided of different forms of travel to various destinations all around the world, relying on the best tour operators on Internet for a carefree journey in complete safety.

Thanks to our algorithm and big data, we can supply our partners with detailed statistics on market trends, and in particular we can indicate which tours are selling best in order to enhance sales and optimize use of marketing resources.

The Touripp team:
Nicola Portolani, Founder and Sales Manager, previous experience in sales management.
Fabio Portolani, Co-Founder, decades of experience as an IT systems engineer and enthusiastic developer.
Agnese Sabatini, MA graduate in language and communication, expert in SEO and marketing.
Luca, IT engineer.

A team united by great enthusiasm for travel and the grand objective of helping thousands of people choose their organized holidays.



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