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Cloudtec s.r.l. (MO)

Cloudtec mission is to support its Clients in their Digital Transformation journey, offering integrated solutions and services with the aim to make simple and safe the adoption of the latest cloud-driven innovations.

Cloudtec assists customers in modeling their organization and processes to be able to take the best advantage from the use of the Cloud technologies with particular regard to data security, systems management and orchestration aspects.

Vibre (FC)

VIBRE is a startup that was founded in Cesena and operates in the sector of brain-computer interfaces.

The startup, founded by a team of bio-engineers, software engineers and clinicians, aims to make brain-computer interfaces available for mass consumption, giving companies in the sector the opportunity of developing products and applications that are fully or partly controlled by the brain.

Tecnopolo di Ferrara

The Ferrara Technopole is the place where businesses can meet researchers, acquire competencies and use current technology to innovate,


Hooro, through its proprietary device and integrated system, collects data on consumer behaviour in the physical stores and before their check-out. 

A IoT system sends the purchase data to the server, which uses an automatic learning algorithm to build customer journey models and predict customer buying behaviours. 

Unlike other solutions on the market (Computer Vision, RFiD tags, NFC), Hooro IoT device has no impact on product packaging, and a very minimal impact on the store structure, and it generates data for both retailers and consumers. 

Mapendo (BO)

Mapendo is a platform for optimising advertising on smartphones, especially for e-commerce.

Using a system based on artificial intelligence algorithms, Mapendo is committed to increasing smartphone sales for its customers.

Since 2014, the company has specialised in foreign markets, accounting for 97% of its turnover.