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REA s.r.l. - Reliable Energy Advisors' operations in the renewable energy sector can be divided into three important areas:

  • Advisory and high added-value consultancy services for industry players and financial institutions;
  • Asset management services in the running and operational control of the technical and economic performance of large renewable energy plants, on behalf of financial players;
  • Analysis of the electricity and renewable energy markets in the preparation of ad-hoc reports of trends, the dynamics and the drivers of the aforementioned markets.

The innovative element resides in the offering of new services and the use of high-tech instrumentation.

REA's asset management office use high-tech and innovative monitoring tools to offer a 24-hour monitoring and performance service.

The two founders, Giuseppe Mastropieri and Barbara Paulangelo, after more than five years as technical advisors for a well-known Bolognese consultancy firm, decided to transfer their know-how into a new and young company totally focused in the field of green economy.

Mastropieri, who has a PhD in Engineering Management, also teaches as a contract professor in Economy and Business Management in the Electrical Engineering degree course at the University of Bologna. Since 2006, Mastropieri has also worked as an industrial advisor, both technical and commercial, on over 300 investment projects in the energy sector, with particular emphasis on renewable sources, both on behalf of banks, leasing institutions or investment funds, resulting in over three billion Euros of investment.

Barbara Paulangelo, a graduate in Electrical Engineering, went on to gain her Master's degree in Energy Management at the University of Bari.



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