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Encryption, computer security, algorithms, telecommunications, cloud computing: these are the areas in which CryptoLab, a cryptographic research laboratory founded by Massimo Bertaccini, Alessandro Passerini and Tiziana Landi, operates. Bertaccini was among the winners of the second annual Innovami IPR Prize, which enabled him to apply for the patent on the following online encryption and data security software: the MB09 and MB11. These aim to reduce the use of passwords required for online transactions, resulting in increased levels of identity assurance.

Established as a limited company in December 2012, CryptoLab deals mainly with online computer security for home banking and cloud computing. Thanks to a new security algorithm able to be utilised in cards, users can be identified by means of, for example, RFID technology. This software replaces the algorithm traditionally used in this technology (RSA) with a new equally secure but much faster and leaner algorithm that takes up less memory space.

The last patented product is MB23, based on an innovative homomorphic encryption algorithm that allows the administrators of cloud storage - servers that store data and files from cloud computing systems - to work with the stored data without the possibility of seeing or "reading" it.

To better promote and develop its patents, CryptoLab - through two investment funds: the Italian-American M31 LLC and the Italian TTVenture - is also establishing a company in Silicon Valley, where initiatives such as this gain the widest attention, support and further development.




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