Smau London 2024: participants from Emilia-Romagna


Building on previous successes, the Emilia-Romagna startup ecosystem is well-positioned to leave its imprint at this year's Smau event in London supported by the Region of Emilia-Romagna.

The delegation comprises a diverse array of stakeholders, including startups, incubators, accelerators, and policymakers, all eager to engage with London-based corporates, investors, and accelerators.

Among the highlights are five innovative startups already making waves in the Italian market and now looking to expand into the dynamic British market:

1- AWENTIA - Data for your results

AWENTIA has developed a unique autonomous visual inspection system that swiftly converts images into real-time data from various settings, such as agriculture and infrastructure. The company has developed an initial application in AgriTech that will be showcased at Smau London.

2.  E-Plato - Semantic search engine for companies with extreme level of data sovereignty

E-Plato offers a product called "Socrate", a Google-like search engine but if Google finds information on the public web, Socrate searches inside a company's data by guaranteeing complete data sovereignty. 

3- HMDrive - Augmented reality for drivers

HMDrive enables to use AR glasses as a vehicle-driver interface through advanced patented positioning algorithms and a dedicated HW setup. This allows visual info to be displayed in the driver's field of view, reducing distraction, cognitive effort and enhancing the driving experience.

The HMDrive SW/HW system constitutes a visualization platform on which each car maker can design and develop a specific visual app: sports car OEMs to develop an AR visual coach for circuit-driving, while agricultural tractor OEMs to create multiple virtual see-through screens.

4- ITER IDEA - productivity apps

ITER IDEA specialises in developing cloud-native productivity apps for multiple industries.

ITER IDEA's AI-aided resource planner (AIRP) is an AI-based resource allocation tool that provides scenario planning with resource-oriented strategies. Managers in manufacturing SMEs can identify patterns and work balance while chasing business objectives with the existing workforce. AIRP integrates custom ML models as input for the optimal scheduler; organisations can use past data to support more effective daily operations and create bespoke workflows.  

5 - PinPoint -  Redefining Power, Transforming Industries, Inspiring Change

PinPoint offers solutions to cut down on industrial energy usage without disrupting production. PinPoint directly optimize machine operations without sensors thanks to a patented A.I., paired with IoT devices that analyze energy usage and generate digital twins of industrial pumps. This ensures optimal pump performance, aligning output with production demands in real-time. Our approach boosts efficiency, delivering savings of up to 60%.

At the event, institutions and key players in startup acceleration will also participate: :

1- dpixel is the innovation company with decades of experience in coaching of entrepreneurial teams with strong innovative connotations, specialized in supporting the growth of startups - through its certified incubator - and the innovation processes of companies and institutions. We are present in 7 innovation hubs in the Italian territory, 

2- Urban Hub Piacenza, an innovation center with a coworking and an event space, a maker lab for digital manufacturing (including 3D modeling and 3D printing, IoT, robotics and AR), an educational center on tech 4.0, a startup infopoint and finally an incubator and accelerator of tech manufacturing startups.

3- Region Emilia-Romagna and ART-ER - Attractiveness Research Territory, the Joint Stock Consortium fostering the region’s sustainable growth by developing innovation, knowledge, attractiveness and internationalisation.

The event, that will mainly concentrate at The Old Truman Brewery (F Block T1, 83 Brick Lane, E1 6QR, London) on 26 March, is dedicated to the whole Italian innovation ecosystem: national institutions, corporates, startups, facilitators, media will travel to London for Smau event for developing new business relationships.

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