Urban Hub Piacenza

URBAN HUB PIACENZA is a new innovation and creativity space that was born of the desire to establish a recognised physical site that is a benchmark and meeting place for creative professionalism and the entrepreneurial world.

An approachable and imaginative location conceived and designed to foster research and "Smart Specialisation" between companies, research centres, associations and foundations in a shared and open way.

The connection between innovation, creativity and the business world is accomplished through a raft of services designed to benefit creatives, including a series of workshops that aim to enable the interaction between innovation and enterprise.

Generally speaking, the services that Urban Hub offers businesses and startups can be grouped into two broad categories:

  • services for network development, human resources and community building
  • services for creativity, innovation and enterprise growth

Urban Hub hosts:

  • StartUp Piacenza, which provides enterprise startup information in collaboration with Aster — Area S3, Uni Lab, Beb Lab and Water Lab laboratories.
  • a co-working space, a workshop with 3D printers, a laser cutter and 3D scanners, and a meeting room

StartUp Piacenza can also help you:

  • book a free consultation at the labs
  • book a free consultation with an accountant, via Aster's "Meet the Accountant" service
  • book a free consultation with a job advisor, via Aster's "Meet the Work Consultant" service
  • access information regarding training courses at Urban Hub


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