Fondazione Grameen Italia

Together with its partners, the Grameen Italia Foundation designs highly inclusive microcredit programs and supports credit beneficiaries during the entire production process. We provide our support from the first stages of developing a business idea until the loan is paid off.

We are the first and only centre in Italy dedicated to studying and replicating microcredit programs based on the Grameen Bank system, the “bank of the poor” founded by Nobel Peace Prizewinner Muhammad Yunus.

In order to ensure that the Grameen System is implemented correctly in the Italian context we have established a specific modus operandi and identified four areas of intervention:

  • planning,
  • training,
  • mentoring
  • research

We work both for startups in the early stages of development and for businesses, in the areas of social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Grameen Italia was launched in 2010 through the collaboration between the University of Bologna, Grameen Trust and UniCredit Foundation.