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WASP- World’s Advanced Saving Project is a company born in 2012 in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna- Italy) that designs, produces and sells 3D printers Made in Italy all over the world.

A wide range of WASP 3D printers has been developed to answer human needs: food, housing, health, energy, work, art and culture. Inspired by the Potter Wasp, which builds its own nest with material recovered from the surrounding environment, WASP was born with the aim of developing large-scale 3D printers, to build houses with natural materials and available on the territory.

The main company target is to provide effective benefits to humans through technological innovation and research.

  • In 2012 WASP presented its first printer, the Power WASP, but soon after the company characterized its range with the Delta line of small and large dimensions up to the generation of the Delta WASPIndustrial line WASP 3MT, WASP 4070, and WASP 2040.
  • The Delta WASP Clay line is the market leader thanks also to the experience gained in the architectural field.
  • These new 3D printers Clay optimize the LDM system by 3D printing fluid-dense materials and industrial clays continuously and in large dimensions. Today WASP has presented a technological advancement in the large 3D printers of the Industrial line and Clay line. WASP offers 10 new products that meet the market demands for the extrusion of bio-polymers, super-technopolymers, recycled materials, pellets, natural material and raw earth, and industrial clay.
  • In 2015 WASP presented the Big Delta WASP 12 meters, the largest printer in the world, with the aim of building a monolith housing module. In 2018 WASP launched Crane WASP, an innovative technology to print on-site eco-districts at the low environmental impact.
  • Italy - 2018 - GAIA https://youtu.be/KPaOCWrZJ94  has been the first 3D printed earthen house built by Crane WASP, glimpsing a new way for sustainable housing. In December 2018 the Financial Times included WASP among the Europe’s 100 Digital Champions.
  • Italy - 2020 - TECLA https://youtu.be/w9sXqxccRPM is a new circular model of housing entirely created with reusable and recyclable materials, sourced from local soil, carbon-neutral and adaptable to any climate and context.
  • Germany - 2021 - HOUSE OF DUST https://www.3dwasp.com/en/crowdfunding-for-the-house-of-dust/ a little opera for the Wiesbaden Museum Germany.
  • Dubai - 2021 - CONCEPT STORE DIOR  https://www.3dwasp.com/en/3d-printed-pop-up-store-wasp-dior/ on Dubai’s Jumeirah beach stands a unique Dior installation composed of two circular modules crafted from natural materials, using an exceptional 3D printing system designed by WASP.



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