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NEXTEMA s.r.l., launched in October 2015, offers a variety of innovative technology services, including: the use of laser technology for the surface treatment of steel and cast iron mechanical components; the design, production and sale of laser systems for surface hardening and potential machine tool integration; metal 3D printing with laser melting systems (SLM/LMD).

NEXTEMA is mainly aimed at companies in the metal industry who intend to reduce the time and cost of component processing by exploiting the flexibility of latest generation laser systems.

Engineering services for metal components obtained from 3D printing:
NEXTEMA offers consulting and training in the design of components for additive manufacturing and the production of metallic components via powder bed additive manufacturing technology (SLM). In particular, NEXTEMA has acquired SLM experience in the field of components for automatic food packaging machines, with which it collaborates with the most important companies in the Bologna area.

Laser thermal treatments on highly complex mechanical components:

Nextema is equipped with the latest hardware and software for the surface treatment of steels and cast iron. Its equipment can handle, in one treatment, surfaces of any complexity and with processing widths up to 50mm. Decades of research experience and expertise in the field of laser treatments can be transferred directly to mechanical components via use of dedicated CAMs. The result is maximum homogeneity of treatments and the most precise hardness attainable.

Nextema is able to support companies both in the fine tuning of optimal processes, and in the choice of new and more suitable materials in the field of surface treatments.

It is able to carry out third party machining and to design, customise and fine-tune client's tailor-made laser systems.

Nextema has already had several successful collaborations with first-tier national companies interested in working with surface treatment laser technology. 




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