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Established in July 2010, Be.Tube combines the professional experience of three mechanical engineers who have developed an innovative method for the production of bimetallic pipes destined for heat exchangers used in power plants for the treatment of corrosive fluids and for the generation of energy. 

This method - patented in Italy in 2008, expanded internationally in 2009 and deposited in Europe, USA and India in 2010 - allows for production savings in terms of time, energy costs and raw materials. 

Be.Tube's products and services include:

  • the production of bimetallic pipes for the manufacture of high performance heat exchangers that are subject to extreme stresses and corrosion, with the use of noble raw materials (copper and nickel alloys);
  • the construction of machines for hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of piping systems (straight and curved) in line with the principle industry regulations;
  • the execution of hydrostatic and pneumatic testing for third parties, carried out with the same equipment;
  • technical advice and assistance to customers in the construction of pipe production lines (finned, straight, curved and generally destined for heat exchangers).

Other information

The target market of Be.Tube is the production of large plants for the treatment of corrosive fluids subjected to high pressures. This market cuts across various sectors: from nuclear energy to chemicals; from civil and environmental to petrochemical, including fertilisers, urea, acids, etc. Currently, in the international market, there are only seven companies capable of producing bimetallic pipes, of which only three occupy the same niche market as Be.Tube. These companies, however, employ a technology characterised by higher costs of installation and management.

The company is interested in new applications with which to introduce the technology for the production of pipes and conduits with high-quality materials - such as copper alloys, titanium, stainless steel - in order to reduce the cost of the raw materials. Be.Tube was awarded the second prize of StartCup-Spinner 2013.


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