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NowMyPlace Srl is an intermediation company operating in the experiential travel sector.

They currently serve the area around Lake Garda but plan to expand activity to other tourist areas that match their mission parameters. The company interfaces consumers through the e-commerce platform,

With a catalogue of more than 200 activities, the tourist offer of NowMyPlace today is already the most extensive and varied for Lake Garda. Options range from outdoor sports to culinary itineraries, from wellness activities to experiences in slow exploration of the local area, from creative itineraries to activities for children.

Although very varied in nature, the experiences available on share some common characteristics, combining exercise, nature, food and wine within each activity. This involves all five senses of the participants and offers them an authentic experience of the local area, its traditions, inhabitants, and specific local skills.

NowMyPlace is as good as any of the existing global platforms in terms of ease of use, clarity and completeness of selection, and purchase procedure for experiences. An interesting innovation in this respect is offering visitors the option of composing their own experiential itinerary in complete freedom, just like putting together Lego bricks. The system limits itself to indicating the distances between meeting points for the various experiences, and suggesting the closest activities to those already in the shopping trolley.

After finishing an e-bike tour, for example, the platform might suggest a wine tasting visit nearby to relax at the end of the day, just one of many combinations that can be autonomously and easily composed by users.




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