People 3.0

Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

People 3.0 is a Cooperative Society of freelancers and small businesses formed in December 2010 that supports companies involved with organisational innovation, using social matrix technologies to introduce participatory and collaborative dynamics in relationships within companies as well as with customers and suppliers.

People 3.0 verifies perceived needs, identifies actual areas of improvement, evaluates the levels of sharing and commitment in staff and influential figures, ensuring that within the business plan, the needs of a unified business are consistent with the needs of all.

In particular, the company offers the following services:

  • Tarot Game: an educational game designed to highlight the steps that need to be followed in problem solving situations;
  • Educator Leader: helping managers acquire listening and guiding skills through relationships with abandoned or abused animals;
  • Market Game: a game developed in the marketing department of a large single-brand retailer to engage clients in innovations.

People 3.0 has invested in R&D, developing and implementing two of its own training products, and expanding internationally. It has collaborated with Romania's Ministry of Labour on two projects that are currently under evaluation. People 3.0's services are primarily aimed at medium to large companies.



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