Wonder (MO)

Wonder is a Type B Social Cooperative operating in the energy field and making products specifically designed for assembly by disabled individuals.

Our current flagship product is WonderBoost, an auxiliary battery or intelligent multipurpose “electric water bottle”, that can increase vehicle autonomy, in particular e-bikes.

WonderBoost is provided with a management system based on our patent submission. This Battery Management System, or BMS, guarantees maximum safety through three main features:

NonStudio (FC)

NonStudio is an innovative startup with the aim of making learning fun, engaging, and effective, casting users as main protagonists within an interactive reality.

We achieve this through the creation and development of video games, and specifically serious games (educational video games), advertgames (promotional video games), applying the methods of interactive gamification.

AgrichaINitalia Soc. Coop. (RA)

The main objective of AgrichaINitalia is to provide traceability and information “from field to table”, with a focus on individual raw materials and applying blockchain and other digital technologies.
The innovative and revolutionary aspect is that these digital technologies decentralize the information, so that once entered it cannot be modified or cancelled from the register, creating added value for products by conserving their history.

Casa Gioia (RE)

We are a technological start-up cooperative in Reggio Emilia and we support people with cognitive disabilities and autism.

We apply innovation from our research to create an environment and educational methodology that promotes the identity and autonomy of users. We take the physical, psychic, and social aspects of all users into account as well as the desires and needs of families.

Caucaso (BO)

Caucaso’s cultural project was born out of a unique convergence between scientific tension and artistic production, focused on cinema and documentary.

Created as an informal collective in the early 2000s, Caucaso evolved into an international production company based in Bologna, Italy. During the following years, the Caucaso society established a network of co-productions within both the Italian and international production landscapes.

Stars & Cows (MO)

Stars & Cows è una start up innovativa nata nel 2015 con l'obiettivo di fornire alle aziende, ai giovani ed al territorio servizi in ambito Risorse Umane e Consulenza professionale, avvalendosi anche di una rete di ex Senior Manager.