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U-Watch is the tracking system which allows to monitor, contact and protect people, with a specific focus on people affected by chronicle deseases.
People with Alzheimer's Syndrome may often experience loss of space-time, even while walking on the street. The response of the families in such cases is often to limit the autonomy of the person, generating more discomfort and stress, that are often the cause of a further acceleration of the disease. Recent studies have shown that patients that maintain autonomy, also mantain a greater psycho-emotional stability, and are able to continue their daily activities and social relations.

U-Watch is designed to allow people with deseases (the potential market is 18 million people in the world) a better lifestyle, also improving the quality of life of their relatives. The solution allows to monitor where the person is, indoors or outdoors, and his health status in real time. The e-health system includes H24 and 7/7 remote medical assistance and advice.

U-Watch is a wearable technology, the first device that integrates three different tools (GPRS, BT, ANT) and three geolocalization devices: GPS, BLE beacons for indoor location  and U-Grid for localisation in large buildings, such as hospitals or retirement houses.
The most innovative technology is based on the BLE Beacon Home, a small positioning unit with a battery life of 5 years and RTLS exceptional U-Grid which allows a precise positioning 3D within 2 meters from the U-wrist watch.
U-Watch has a smaller size compared to competitors on the market, with a twice battery capacity, which enables a continuous use for about 5 days. U-watch is waterproof and designed to avoid to be lost or forgotten and, for this reason, the rechargeable battery is wireless, to allow U-Watch to remain always on the wrist.

U-Watch can be used also as a gateway of data for medical purposes, through BT and interfaces ANT. BH3 option allows you to monitor the heartbeat, breath, body temperature and to record a cardiogram. U-Watch sends alerts when it detects a fall or if the owner presses the panic button. it also has an alert system for assuming medicines and drugs through a vibracall.



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