Factory Grisù

Spazio Grisù is Emilia-Romagna's first culture and creativity factory: an abandoned fire station transformed into a space for young creative companies. After the building was left deserted following the last auction, the province decided not to sell it and instead offered the entire 4,000 square metres, to be used for free for a period of five years, to the non-profit Grisù Association of professionals from various sectors.

Spazio Grisù is a facilitator and an accelerator for high quality creative businesses that are selected via a public call: 12 local creative businesses have already been chosen from 50 applicants and accepted by Spazio Grisù. With no public funding, Spazio Grisù has been revitalised thanks to investments from individual companies, in return for free use of the premises.

Thus far, companies supported by Spazio Grisù are: ArchLivIng, Basa Cicli, Dorotea, Innova, Kappalab, OBST, Opus Incertum Lab, OURLab (Other Urban Resources Lab), Spaziografia, TryeCo 2.0, Unbeldì, WormA