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Spin-off of the University of Parma, Bugseng and its team have created a business from over fifteen years of research into software analysis techniques, based on a mathematical theory of approximation that for the first time checks the performance of the automatic verification systems of complex programs. Software verification is an increasingly pressing need, given the pervasive presence of software in critical devices (for example, in aviation, healthcare and the automotive industry). Bugseng is a first for Italy in the international market, ensuring a level of highly skilled support that its foreign competitors do not provide.

Products and services offered

The company's main product is ECLAIR, a flexible and expandable framework for the analysis of C and C++ source code. Its many applications include: automatic discovery of coding rule violations defined by the user or by the most widely used coding standards (such as MISRA C/C++, High-Integrity C++, CERT C/C++, JSF C++, Netrino Embedded C). Thanks to its extreme flexibility, ECLAIR can be applied to the most diverse problems of verification and software production. The coding rules are detailed in very high-level language using a large library of services, greatly simplifying the enforcement of project-specific coding rules.

More information

Bugseng operates primarily in five areas of service: verification of personalised code: development of ECLAIR modules for the automatic verification of code conformance with respect to the rules and criteria established by and for the client; process integration: on-line/on-site assistance for the ECLAIR installation and integration into the client's development environment; training: on-site training for developers, build process managers, quality control officers and development tool administrators; analytic-proactive audit of the software: evaluation of defects in the code of the client and their suppliers with respect to conformance to coding standards; assistance with the definition of a working plan to gradually achieve conformance of all programs and libraries.



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