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The Banca della Calce (Bank of Lime), launched in 2009 by three professionals - a geologist, a chemist and a construction engineer, members of the non-profit association Italian Lime Forum - works with the raw material of quality building to offer clients the lime that best suits their needs, drawing on a legacy of history, on relations with the local area and on highly-specialized scientific skills.
The spirit of the enterprise is summarized by the name: the “Bank of Lime” safeguards matter and memory of building lime and makes it available for tomorrow’s architectural and restoration works. Its specialization is based on production and lime processing protocols aimed at an informed and appropriate use.

Products and services
The company offers activities and services for those producing, using and selling building lime, and in particular: 
Lime Deposits structures similar to the ancient “holes” designed to age and preserve slaked lime for long periods of time, thus producing lots that have been aged for 12, 24, 36, 48 months and certified. Three Deposits have been built in the provinces of Brescia, Cuneo and Brindisi; more will follow soon in the regions of Veneto, Marche, Abruzzo and Sardinia;
lab tests on lime and lime-based products to ascertain its properties, characteristics and quality;
voluntary certification paths, in addition to the compulsory ones established by international legislation, to bring to the building market the winning value of a quality-guaranteed product; 
design activities, working alongside professional figures involved in architectural and monument restoration  projects and environmentally sustainable construction.  

Other information
The company’s project has developed in response to the market’s  increasing interest in lime, a material that makes the difference in a sector defined mainly by concrete and polymeric materials. La Banca della Calce caters to both producers and users, offering quality brands that stand out from the materials currently on the market and guarantee quality, safety, and reliability to craftsmen, building companies, restorers and designers who are searching for excellence in their architectural and restoration work.



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