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An innovative startup whose most precious resource is its knowledge, whose test of requirements is its expertise, whose key to the development of effective and efficient solutions for its partners is its technologies.                       
AERO - Mobility becomes sustainable: Management of a fleet of next-generation aircraft.

Business flight sharing to re-organize corporate or professional mobility from a time-saving perspective. Sharing a plane or booking it exclusively to quickly reach destinations not served by the airlines. Saving time, money and helping the environment thanks to diesel-hybrid powertrain technology.

MAESTRO - Augmented Tutor: MAESTRO system: augmented reality to learn, study and do, in a way that places man at the centre. Maestro is a versatile system that was developed to help us improve our performance and our experiences. Fascinating images make studying easier and more fun. Work becomes easier because digital contaminations of the real world make it harder to make mistakes. Management becomes more effective because it will be possible to check processes in real time. Looking at a monument will be an exciting experience because we will be able to look at it for what it was and gain a deeper understanding of it. With Maestro you can create a new space based on a different man-machine relationship which can provide a more appropriate context to contemporary social, cultural and economic issues.

MIRUS - Augmented Navigation: For professional and non-professional pilots, this system  allows the user to have at all times data, displayed in  overlay on smart glasses, about their position in relation to the planned route. 
It is a geo-referenced system that projects, with symbols that are easy to understand, information in the form of text (names of rivers, cities, airports). The system can indicate obstacles and provide a 3-D image of the airspace with its classification, airways, IFR /VFR reporting points, etc. A very easy, economical tool to use that can increase the safety of flying enthusiasts and professionals.

AVATAR - Augmented Control: A tool designed for flight controllers to reduce possible errors resulting from misidentification of incoming and outgoing traffic at airports. The system uses wearable devices and allows the operator observing traffic to have in overlay all the information necessary for aircraft identification.  

BCMS - Bird Concentration Monitoring System: With the help of algorithms and artificial intelligence, we are developing a system that can monitor automatically, continuously and simultaneously the area of an airport and beyond. It can recognize the species of birds found in the area, count their  numbers and predict their trajectories, using artificial vision systems that do not encroach upon or alter their natural habitat.

We know that it is possible to ensure flight safety without sacrificing the safety of animals: we’ve already done it. When knowledge merges with technology it becomes effective sustainability.




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