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An ICT startup offering web services related to tourism publishing and the promotion of places, thanks to a team of location-based information service specialists.

The company's namesake site PoiStory.it (currently in test phase) allows users to share descriptions of places and events, creating in the process personalised tour guides.

A system developed in-house profiles content via semantic web technologies and provides a search engine (currently in beta) based on users' travel plans and descriptions of places. As well as an overall user rating, information about every entry on the site is continuously verified and updated.

Products and services offered

On PoiStory.it, users share content that is of interest to tourists on a wiki-type platform that facilitates collaborative writing and encourages the creation of a community centred on shared interests. Copyright remains with the users, but PoiStory and its community are allowed to use the content in the context of the site.

PoiStory offers three products:

  • the web display where users describe a place or event from their point of view, with the possibility for institutions and traders to certify the account by authenticating the information published;
  • the Compact Guide, a personalised travel guide that is an aggregate of site content chosen by the user, bought and downloaded in electronic format, accessible through a device or in print;
  • Right Time Ads - contextualised advertising chosen by PoiStory.it and displayed alongside relevant content throughout users' visits to the site.

More information

PoiStory is set to become the meeting point between supply and demand of tourist information, betting on trends in the travel market and sharing knowledge of virtual communities. The website is therefore aimed at people searching for or offering specific tourist information, a requirement that is increasing alongside the rise of niche tourism and short holidays. 



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