Better Life Software Srls

Better Life Software Applications or simply BLS Apps, is a Web platform with desktop app and dedicated mobile apps designed to provide small to medium-sized companies with the necessary instruments for managing their activities from A to Z, with maximum efficiency and organization. The platform comprises a suite of applications interlinked through a single core based on artificial intelligence.

Applying the most advanced machine learning technologies, the BLS Apps platform will be capable not only of significantly reducing management costs by automating many manual operations, but it also aims for simplicity with the final objective of making company management more enjoyable, less stressful, and error free.

We propose an SaaS (Software as a Service) model, with all the technical operations managed by our systems and looked after by us. Our solution provides a single intelligent modular platform capable of combining instruments like:

• Stock management
• Accounting and electronic invoice management
• Automatic processing of documents and files
• Project and task management
• Intranet and chat for company communication
• Chat and ticket system for managing final customers
• Automatic marketing
• E-commerce engine (in addition to offering customers your own online shop, it can also load products onto dozens of international marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Fruugo, ePrice, Rakuten, Etsy, Google Shopping, Trova Prezzi, and many others, managing all the orders through a single interface).

Thanks to powerful AI (artificial intelligence) software we are able to create a platform that can intelligently combine functions from dozens of dedicated applications and software. As well as notably improving existing services, BLS Apps proposes state-of-art solutions like chat bots, voice recognition, virtual assistants, automated marketing, written content generated by AI, augmented reality, neural translation, automated telephone exchanges, and much more.


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