Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

EYECAN proposes TrainingMachine, an artificial intelligence based solution dedicated initially to robot systems equipped with vision and working on production lines.

These systems suffer from the problem of reconfiguration: if there are changes in ambient conditions or product throughput it is necessary to intervene with adaptive/corrective maintenance of the software. With TrainingMachine the system is capable of reconfiguring itself without human intervention.

The founders are:

  • Daniele De Gregorio, CEO/CTO, P.h.D and Postdoc in Robotics and Artificial Vision, he worked as senior developer for 2 Startups.
  • Samuele Salti, Advisor, Logical Networks professor, he coordinated the Data Science team of Verizon Connect, a leading world company in the fleet management field.
  • Luigi Di Stefano, Advisor & Networking, Full Professor of Computer Vision, he was an independent member of the BoD of Datalogic SpA.

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