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FLUENCE S.r.l. is an innovative start-up founded in 2017 based on an idea, a project, and a fundamental aim of the partners: to drastically reduce environmental impact.

After years of research, studies, and development, Fluence have developed a high efficiency energy technology based on cavitation, now under patent application: the InFluenceR system.

We are the manufacturers of the "InFluenceR" cavitation heat generator for ambient heating systems and the production of hot water without using combustion fuels.

InFluenceR was created to replace the old systems for producing thermal energy like boilers, which use fuels and electrical elements. This zeroes the risk of fires and explosions, reducing operating costs to a minimum. It can be applied to most systems that require heat in hotels, public buildings, private homes, condominiums, sports complexes, greenhouses, swimming pools, and industrial processes.

Fluence s.r.l. comprises three individuals, Piero Lusuardi, Matteo Molinari, and Patrizia Zannoni, a Romanian company “G&V Future Innovation Saving srl”, and a Sole Manager, Gianluca Giaroni, who deals with data processing, website management, and direction of the commercial network.

  • Piero Lusuardi, a qualified engineer and Production Manager, came up with and promoted the original idea.
  • Matteo Molinari, a surveyor and thermal technician with 15 years of experience deals with installation, customer assistance, and maintenance on behalf of Fluence s.r.l.
  • Patrizia Zannoni is an engineer and financing partner and acts as a consultant in relations with public administrations, financers, and all technical financial planning.
  • Valentina Ciani holds a 50% share of the company G&V FUTURE INNOVATION SAVING S.R.L. and deals with company administration.



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