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Morelli Tech S.r.l.s. is an innovative startup based in Rimini and founded by Alessio Morelli, Giacomo Caroli, and Luca Battilana.

Tech's business activity is focused on the creation of new hardware/software technologies for applications in the vehicle sector and elsewhere, based on augmented reality and centred on the use of AR holographic head-up displays (HUD).

The company has defined two stages of development for their business activity. During the first stage they will realize devices for assisted driving in the form of new generation head-up displays for vehicles with projected dynamic information that adapts according to the surrounding environment. The second stage will instead see the conversion of these same technologies into entertainment and man-machine interface systems in augmented reality that satisfy the on-board requirements of automatic guided vehicles. During this stage the company will develop horizontally towards other sectors, adapting their systems to a wide range of uses and extending the prevalence of holographic technology.

As regards patents and intellectual property, Morelli Tech currently have their first patent filing involving both the hardware and optical aspects of their projection system, which plays a key role in the optical group. It eliminates one of the main problems associated with existing HUD technologies, which is a lack of correspondence between the distance of the projected information and the physical reference points, a difference that forces drivers to constantly change focus resulting in constant distraction. On the strength of this patent filing, Morelli Tech will offer the market a system capable of enhanced depth layering, increasing from the current maximum of three layers to any required depth. This will also take up less space in the vehicle, saving on manufacturing and system costs. This will make Holoview a unique product compared to those of market competitors.



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