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Nautilus – Navigation in Space is an innovative startup that aspires towards revolutionizing the space exploration market. By supplying products and services for small satellites (SmallSats) we intend to establish an infrastructural ecosystem that enables small satellites to become the most sustainable solution for achieving interplanetary missions.

Our core business is supplying a modular service for interplanetary navigation (Flight Dynamics) of small satellites.

The partners will exploit twenty years of experience in two research groups of international standing, at the University of Bologna and Milan Polytechnic. Nautilus represents the first and only European private operator capable of steering and navigating SmallSats in deep-space.

Our navigational service covers the entire mission spectrum, from mission analysis to the operational stages.

In addition to the navigation service, Nautilus also intend to act as European leaders in hardware and software development for commercial interplanetary missions using SmallSats. The range of service extends from R&D for asteroid mining, to the creation of terrestrial infrastructures for supporting future moon missions.

In the near future small satellites represent the best option, in terms of economic and operative risk, for achieving interplanetary space missions. Our vision is to break down existing technological and financial barriers affecting deep-space travel, so as to insure rapid, efficient, and economic access to space for any company on planet Earth.




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