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Pikkart, the company that brings together Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Pikkart Srl started in Modena as a small project of the long-standing software house Progetti di Impresa together with a group of researchers from the University of Modena, and has grown to become first a startup specialized in mobile solutions that use augmented reality, then a scaleup that develops sectoral solutions combining AR and artificial intelligence.

First in Italy to develop its own proprietary software for Augmented Reality, over the years Pikkart has created applications and projects for fields ranging from industry to culture, with important customers such as Barilla, Saipem and Tetra Pak.

It owns two important patents, Pikkart-AR Logo – an AR software that makes it possible to associate up to a billion different contents to as many copies of the same image, revolutionary for anti-counterfeiting, marketing, and traceability – and Pikkart-AR Discover – the most recent evolution of augmented reality itself, a software able to recognise objects and places in context, and associate pieces of AR content to them thanks to visual recognition.

To date, Pikkart has developed solutions for museums, for remote assistance, for damage detection, for interactive marketing games, for retail, and for events, along with many other custom apps for a number of different clients.




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