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Pikkart s.r.l. is a startup founded in May 2014 and aimed at innovation in advertising, marketing and publishing through Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality is a revolutionary and rapidly expanding technology that allows the superimposition of useful and coherent multimedia content - video, audio and 3D objects - in images captured by a simple camera device.

Thanks to a proprietary Framework, developed in-house, Pikkart designs and manufactures a wide range of augmented reality applications for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) and wearable media (glasses), focused on specific areas of high commercial potential (advertising, marketing and publishing). This important distinctive feature allows, on the one hand, increased reliability and enriched app functionality, and on the other, a significant reduction in app development cost and time (the shortest time to market).

Pikkart therefore enables target companies to optimise and improve the effectiveness of their investment in advertising in order to gain visibility, build a clear, distinct, strong and credible image, engage and interact with potential consumers and thus generate an incisive and original advertising message that will attract attention.

Pikkart also collaborates with universities that carry out world-leading research on issues related to Augmented Reality.

The Pikkart team consists of:

  • Lorenzo Canali, founder and CEO: a serial entrepreneur with many years' experience as manager, business management consultant and project manager.
  • Giovanni Zuffolini, founder and Product and Delivery Manager: over ten years' experience as database manager, project manager, planning and delivery manager and product manager.
  • Davide Baltieri, founder and Head of R&D: five years' experience as researcher of Augmented Reality; also coordinated the development of the Framework and applications.
  • Dr. Mattia Baroni, Head of Marketing and Management Control: three years' experience as assistant to the head of marketing and sales in the management and control of sales networks.

Pikkart's innovative business model is replicable and globally scalable.



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