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RADOFF is an innovative startup listed in the special business register, founded to eliminate the harmful effects of radon and other relevant pollutants inside closed environments.

Our mission is to offer the world an effective solution to the problem of indoor pollution and our project addresses a challenge of significant social importance. One of the pollutants hidden in air is radon, a harmful gas naturally present underground. When it rises up from the ground it can enter and accumulate in buildings, compromising the health of those who inhale it. Radon gas is the second most common cause of lung cancer with more than 4,500 deaths a year in Italy alone (source: World Health Organization). To find a solution to this problem we decided to integrate the know-how from diverse sectors, extending from geology to chemistry, computer science to electronics, design to engineering.

We conceptualized the Radoff LIFE device, designed to reduce the hazards of radon and other indoor pollutants by purifying the air we breathe every day, at home and at work. Measures to reduce the persistence of this gas to date have involved invasive structural interventions that involve extended implementation times, high costs, while not implementing any post-intervention monitoring. The innovative principle of Radoff LIFE is the fact that it offers a smart and effective solution to definitively countering this problem. Currently there are no IoT devices on the market capable of eliminating radon gas from indoor air.

Radoff Life is the outcome of years of study and work in which we combined fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and chemical engineering with artificial intelligence, Big Data, and the IoT. We created a phygital device directly connected to the user through a dedicated app downloadable onto a personal smartphone. We also benefitted from substantial collaboration with universities, research centres, and innovative companies who believed in our mission.

The materials eliminated by the device include: radon gas (Rn), carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM), viruses, and bacteria. It simultaneously monitors these materials (with the exclusion of viruses and bacteria) along with temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

Radoff have also developed two monitoring devices and a smartphone application:

  1. Radoff SENSE: a device intended for home use by consumers. It reveals what is hidden in the air we breathe, directly from a dedicated app. It uses highly effective and reliable sensors to monitor levels of radon gas (Rn), particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2), atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity.

  2. Radoff CITY: a device created for public administrations and corporations that simultaneously measures air quality in multiple rooms in the same building or in different buildings under their authority. The device is linked to a web portal where the data from the various sensors can be compared and reports downloaded for readings over previous days, in order to build a database.

  3. Radoff MAP: an app indicates the radon risk around you. A proprietary algorithm developed by the company uses GIS systems to calculate the potential risk of radon gas on a national level. The app is free and downloadable to any smart device.

Supporters: CDP Venture Capital, Master Group Srl, Intesa San Paolo SPA, Naos Investimenti SPA, Tiscali SPA, Innovation Strategy SRL.




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