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Real Time OCM is a SanChip Innovation (SCI) project, an innovative start-up with the objective of helping companies who own industrial machinery, means of transport (e.g. ships), machines for producing energy (e.g. wind turbines, gas engines, etc.), and OEMs to implement predictive maintenance for their machine assets.

Machines require maintenance to reduce faults, which in 75% of cases are due to consumption of lubricants. Lubricant analyses can be used to limit these problems. The problem is that the analyses are conducted at time intervals with operators collecting samples, which are then sent to a laboratory for analysis. This results in long delays, unexpected faults, and very often the sampling stage is delicate and demanding (e.g. off-shore turbines). Our solution is an intelligent IoT device that can be integrated into machinery and is capable of conducting real-time remote multiparameter analyses. This makes it possible to minimize faults, machine down time, and costs. Furthermore, from the perspective of Industry 4.0, operators will no longer be required on-site and it will be possible to fully exploit the life cycle of lubricants, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

The reference market is predictive maintenance and lubricant analyses, with a current global value of $4 billion, which will rise to $12 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 25%. The main competitors are laboratories with their standard analysis methods, manufacturers of kits that conduct rapid but less accurate analyses, and a few start-ups producing sensors that conduct real time analyses, but assessing no more than one parameter.

The founding team provides an excellent mix of technical and business skills. The engineer Leonardo Mattioli has a number of years' experience in the lubricants industry and an in-depth knowledge of the market. Dr Denise Pezzuoli has a PhD in nanotechnology and 3 year's experience in chip fabrication (technological core). Finally, Dr Marco Cozzolino has a PhD in Physics and a number of years' experience in sensor systems and fluid analyses.




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