Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

WHATaECO is an innovative female startup and the first low impact B2C e-commerce that promotes ethical and sustainable brands throughout the European Union.

The site is powered 100% with clean energy, the logistics is based on drop shipping without a warehouse, with transport halved and compensated, and rigorously plastic-free packaging. The site currently markets a range of over 3000 ethical and sustainable products from more than 170 Italian and foreign brands.

WHATaECO is a new low impact marketing model for innovative hi-tech products and services. These include products derived from up-cycling methods, creative recycling and/or use of innovative low impact raw materials (for example, cactus skin, fibres from beech trees, nettles, mint, milk, pinatex, tencel, econyl, bionic yarn, corn fibre) in the categories of clothing, cosmetics, baby products, sports equipment, food and drinks, home cleaning products, interior decoration, household accessories, gardening items, stationery, and pet accessories.

WHATaECO has attracted attention from the specialized media (magazines, blogs, radio, podcasts) and was acknowledged by the United Nations as compliant with the objectives of sustainable development for the 2030 Agenda goals. The company has established strategic partnerships with IED Milano, Genoa University, Georgetown University, including a collaboration with the company B-Corp greenApes, Kiri Technologies, and a startup in AI, Pengo Idee OnLife,.

WHATaECO is operating within a scientifically acknowledged scenario of environmental crisis that is perceived pragmatically by consumers.

WHATaECO also offers services to zero-waste stores that want to buy products in bulk and to companies that want to incorporate sustainable corporate welfare projects or organize ethical corporate gifts. 

WHATaECO is one-stop-shop for conscious consumers and it represents the final destination for anybody who wants to purchase with a purpose.


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