Smart Specialisation Strategy
Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

Every day, only Facebook and Twitter generate more than 5 billion worldwide interactions and every single interaction contains information that's useful for understanding individual user's behaviours and habits.

Learning to listen to this information has become the only useful strategy to obtain tangible results and generate value for your brand, service or activity. The immense quantities of data involved are beyond the scope of normal social network analysis tools.

KPI6 is a platform for gathering, analysing and visualising all of the information that's relevant to you, allowing managers to streamline the entire decision-making process, avoiding wasting time, money and resources.

Simple visualisations for complex data that can help you in all phases of decision-making include:

  • client research
  • competitor analysis
  • marketing campaign optimisation
  • sentiment analysis

..and much more, all in one tool.

All this with the convenience of Software as a Service and dynamic plug & play: simply sign in, enter your credit card and find what you need right away. Generating value without waste.