SERN - Startup Europe Regions Network

On April 2017, ASTER S.Cons.p.A. became member of SERN, the organisation who gathers EU regions with a strong commitment to support startups

SERN was officially launched in Brussels in October 2015 as a non for profit organisation, backed by a number of relevant regions in Europe in terms of startup support, including Baden-Wurttemberg, Lisbon, Nice/Cotê d’Azur, Emilia-Romagna, Extremadura, North of Portugal (INOVA+)and others.

The purpose of the SERN is to:

  • Reinforce the links between regional authorities, development agencies, universities and associations who build and scale up the startup ecosystems at regional level in Europe;
  • Provide an annual overview of on the measures taken by the regions for supporting startups, highlighting best practices and showing cases studies;
  • Engage with the European institutions, local authorities and relevant stakeholders to ensure the success of this initiative.

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