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ArzaMed is an innovative start-up in the health technology sector founded by Alberto Ghiribaldi and Andrea Pari.

They use cloud technology to develop and market software capable of simplifying the work flow of doctors with the aim of improving the course of treatment of patients.

The customers are typically specialist medical clinics, outpatient clinics, medical teams, day clinics, and hospital departments.

Over 2000 professional users make daily use of ArzaMed software as a service and to date they have processed 350,000 appointments and hospitalizations. Sales, set-up, training, and assistance are provided entirely remotely. The retention rate among doctors is 91%.

ArzaMed Medical Software

ArzaMed Medical Software is a cloud application that integrates management, clinical, administrative, and relational functions for medical clinics, outpatient clinics, medical teams, and health professionals. It facilitates the patient management cycle thanks to the all-in-one solution under a software-as-a-service licence that is reliable and easy to use.

The main advantages of ArzaMed are optimization of administrative and clinical activities, like reduction of missed appointments, shorter waiting lists, less time spent on the telephone, structured clinical information accessible in real time from any device, quick diagnoses and checks, arrangement of preventive flows and clinical monitoring, optimization of communications between patients, doctors, and clinics and fulfilment of legal obligations.

The results are reduced costs for professionals and improved patient support.
ArzaMed's powerful and reliable security system provides data management and controls in line with GDPR requirements.




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