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ASTRACEC SRL is a mechanical engineering firm designing, manufacturing, and marketing industrial quality control machines for the pharmaceuticals sector.

ASTRACEC SRL produce automatic machines for testing the airtightness of medical bags (also called leak testing) for intravenous infusion fluids.

We apply an innovative patented technology that offers considerable advantages compared to other technologies available on the market:

  • Enhanced analysis sensitivity for detecting smaller perforations
  • Improved reliability of analysis
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Detection of both gas and liquid leakage from containers
  • Can be used on bags with surface condensation

Leak testing is a fundamental check in the medical bag production cycle since imperfect airtightness can compromise product sterility.

The technology fully complies with the new GMP Annex 1 standard, which since 2023 has imposed higher grade tests for checking the airtightness of medical bags. All pharmaceutical manufacturers must now test 100% of their bag production. 

ASTRACEC SRL provide a wide range of machinery to best satisfy diverse production requirements, including compact machines for small production volumes, as well as fully automated systems for large production outputs.

ASTRACEC SRL’s test technology is already being used by major pharmaceutical companies.




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