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RE-SPORT is an innovative startup and a spin-off with the participation of the University of Bologna. We develop innovative technologies for the recycling and development of sports equipment and everyday products in plastic and compound materials.

RE-SPORT develops all the necessary steps towards the recycling of multi-material items at the end of their lifecycle, from proof-of-concept to design of finished systems, combined with the assessment of environmental impact and economic factors in the process.

RE-SPORT deal with the following stages in the recycling and development of new materials:

  1. Recycling multi-material products at the end of their lifecycle (like helmets) with a patented system making use of natural solvents.
  2. Developing complete recycling processes starting from proof-of-concept to the design and layout of recycling plants including feasibility studies for the recycling processes from both the industrial and economic perspectives with analysis of environmental impact of the same.
  3. Supporting companies, in particular in the sports sector, who want to recycle their equipment at the end of its lifecycle and/or with the intention of using recycled materials.
  4. Developing new equipment applying the Design for Recycling approach for the creation of new products with simpler and more efficient recycling at end of life.
  5. Optimized design of recycled materials with FEM analysis.
  6. Technological transfer between sports equipment manufacturers, materials manufacturers, and recycling companies.

RE-SPORT have developed and patented an innovative process for the recycling of various types of multi-material assemblies at end of life, and in particular solutions for selective separation using natural solvents.



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