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Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

We are developing a B2B platform to directly connect small and medium-sized wine makers with their buyers through an automated supply chain, thus avoiding intermediaries, commercial barriers, and overcoming the limited digitalization of the wine industry.

UNFIA provides producers with quick and easy access to world markets, while offering savings and a wider choice for buyers.

The aim of UNFIA is to collect and analyse the platform data in order to digitalize the entire wine industry ecosystem, opening the platform to third party products and services to achieve economy of scale for users.

The platform launch is planned for next summer with a mix of Italian, French, Spanish, and German producers for sale to buyers based in Paris, France. The objective is to open the platform to the entire European Community by the end of the year, and then make preparations to enter Great Britain.

Entry to Great Britain is strategic for re-establishing the direct relations interrupted by Brexit, and also to use this market as a sort of "bridge" to North America, before shifting to a global scale.

One of the two partners is a fifth generation wine maker from the Province of Treviso, with more than 5 years' experience in the HoReCa sector, the second partner is in charge of the technical area, and has more than 17 years' experience in new technologies, technological development, and innovation.

Their experience includes important collaborations for the development of new technologies with the United Nations and the USA defence department.

The founders are supported by a team of investors and mentors with critical knowledge in the main issues for the development of the startup.



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