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Utopic (BO)

Utopic srl is an innovative startup based in Bologna, registered in the special section of the register of companies. Through the creation of the app of the same name, Utopic aims to promote the Italian artistic heritage, making it easier to discover and explore it. L’app Utopic è un social network tematico, che permette di sapere sempre cosa c’è di interessante vicino a dove ci si trova, senza bisogno di effettuare ricerche. Storie, aneddoti e curiosità permettono di vedere con occhi sempre nuovi anche i luoghi che frequentiamo quotidianamente, risvegliando l’interesse ed il senso di appartenenza degli abitanti e attirando e incuriosendo i turisti.

Spiiky (MO)

Spiiky starts from the idea of ​​revolutionising the concept of couponing, completely reimagining it by combining the coupon or offer with a non-offer product and, above all, a fun and social environment in which users can find purchase information in a safe and entertaining way.

Spiiky aims to give users and business owners something completely new, a useful and fun tool for 360° shopping.

Users, after registering for free, have access to:

Let's Donation (BO)

Let's Donation is the first crowdfunding portal where you can support a charity project with a simple and free click.

It is an innovative social network based upon solidarity: a portal where the worlds of Profit and Non-Profit can meet and work together to carry out charitable acts. The platform was created as a meeting and interchange point, where users can also create content, ideas, opinions and initiatives.

The goal is to support and fund charitable projects in any organisation, institution and social, charitable or public association.