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Condomani is a revolution in condominium management. It is the social network for condominium management aimed at:

  • condominiums
  • administrators
  • suppliers and maintenance professionals

Condomani is the complete solution for the whole condominium. Its goal? To significantly improve communal life.

With Condomani, residents can easily: submit requests to building administrators with photograph attachments, even from smartphones; monitor the progress of work; check all service charges; propose agendas and advance decisions to be signed off at meetings using voting tools; dialogue with the other condominiums, even those who do not use the internet; exchange documents; contact our network of maintenance professionals with a single click, etc.

In addition to residents, Condomani also supports building administrators: from meetings to budgets, from mail services to service requests. The administrator receives alerts issued by residents and forwards emergency requests to default providers, with just one click. In addition, if administrators do not have their own network of maintenance professionals, they can create a transparent auction and request quotes from different service providers. Administrators can forward any type of alert (email, SMS, fax, mail) to all residents, even those without internet and those sitting comfortably at home, avoiding, for example, endless queues at the post office. For administrators, Condomani is also an excellent tool for managing accounts: rates, millage rates, budgets, accounts, f24, payment reminders, and so on.

Finally, Condomani is also a great tool for suppliers and maintenance professionals, whom it enables to: receive requests for emergency services; update administrators and residents on the progress of work inside the building in question; find new customers by launching offers dedicated to the world of apartment buildings and individual customers; receive feedback on its own work; create sector-specific advertising.




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