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AdapTronics makes logistics more sustainable on Earth and in Space by reinventing how robots grasp objects of any shape, size and material thanks to a thin-film technology with sensor capabilities that becomes adhesive when electrically activated, with an impressive force density, irrelevant weight and minimal energy consumption.

We control the physics of electrostatics to lift up to 50kg (100 pounds) with two patches the size of a credit card, and we can scale the total force by simply increasing the total thin-film surface.

We are the solution to the strong need for versatile and efficient automated robotic systems for object picking and handling in a wide range of markets, such as industrial automation, last-mile delivery with autonomous robots, automated fruit picking, space debris removal, and in-orbit services to satellites.

We already validated our technology for terrestrial use (TRL 5) in the laboratory, have two pilot projects underway for industrial logistics and others in definition for Space applications as incubatees of the European Space Agency.


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