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Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies

The main objective of AgrichaINitalia is to provide traceability and information “from field to table”, with a focus on individual raw materials and applying blockchain and other digital technologies.
The innovative and revolutionary aspect is that these digital technologies decentralize the information, so that once entered it cannot be modified or cancelled from the register, creating added value for products by conserving their history.
The systems we provide are specifically designed to guarantee the authenticity and quality of products for final consumers. They establish trust in the production chain thanks to guaranteed direct data transfer.
 AgrichaINitalia promotes trust technology for asset value enhancement.
 AgrichaINitalia was founded in 2020 after winning the call4ideas "Coopstartup Romagna" in 2019. The company was awarded a grant of 12,000 euros from Legacoop and Coopfond, together with Federcoop's tutoring guidance services.
 AgrichaINitalia received further financing through the Cooperfidi "Futura2" competition for a total of 20,000 euros.
Our activities include the realization of two final products, which are currently in the TRL 4 and 5 stages of lab and industrial validation.
The first involves blockchain to provide guaranteed storytelling and proof of authenticity using NFTs. The second introduces the IoT and sensor system into the process of value transfer to consumers, using mobile helium-based units that we are currently developing.
AgrichaINitalia has already participated in two Horizon competitions, participating together with CREA in the "Altruist" and "Climagrity" projects.
In 2021 AgrichaINitalia represented Coopfond at the national Legambiente event, "Festambiente", with a stand in the "Agroecology" Hall.




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