Dsnow Srl

The main mission of Dsnow is to help the entire manufacturing sector to digitalize, in particular the mechanical engineering sector.

Company increasingly look to digital tech for sustainability and savings.

Dsnow intend to offer themselves as strategic partners to support these companies, offering a smart and fast platform on which companies can save important resources, like time and money.

At the same time we aim to help companies enter the new digital era in the simplest and most intuitive way.

We make available a platform that enables searches under macro categories, like raw materials, job contract processing, products, services, treatments, and assistance, with specific details for each of these categories.

Companies who subscribe to the platform will have a fully-editable page available where they can showcase their strong points and services, as well as selecting their own search filter keywords.

The concept was conceived by the administrator, Riccardo Villa Pollini, who having always worked in the mechanical engineering sector, including many years as workshop manager, noticed that certain issues in the sector remained unresolved.

One of the aims of Dsnow is to become a reference company, first for the entire national manufacturing sector, and later on an international level.


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