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Mechbadger is an innovative startup who have created a product for the construction and agricultural spheres, the MP01.

MP01 is born out of a synthesis of experience in diverse fields and Mechbadger's mission of creating highly customizable hi-tech devices that offer excellent support for professionals in building, agriculture, and aerial maintenance.

The winning characteristic is the extreme simplicity of changing tools, switching from one work process to the next in just 5 min and making it possible to combine all the required devices into a single unit.

Another strong point derives from the skills of our very flexible staff, who are always ready to take on new challenges and create innovative customized equipment for automating the most demanding work operations.

In the hope of living in an ever less contaminated environment, we decided to make our own small contribution by creating a ZERO emissions version, ideal for working in organic farming or inside homes, without creating the minimum sound or olfactory pollution.

The range of equipment is always evolving since our basic machine can be fitted with any type of device. The possibility of increasing the fluid load and easily swopping devices using hydraulic and mechanical quick couplings is another very obvious advantage.

Safety and durability are priorities for our equipment, with testing in the most critical conditions before approval and manufacture.



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