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Mysurable develop and manage innovative cloud-based technological solutions to measure changes in the functional condition of individuals in relation to ageing, with the mission of improving health over the years!

Mysurable have created mioTest®, the first integrated system for assessing muscle function and diagnosing sarcopenia. It is simply to use but scientifically validated, portable, automated, and of limited cost.
Sarcopenia involves excessive loss of muscle tissue due to ageing and is normally asymptomatic and so early diagnosis is essential, also considering its potential impact on a progressively ageing population.

The mioTest® system includes a range of products dedicated to specific users (pharmacists, doctors, elderly care professionals, physiotherapists, fitness consultants, etc.). Starting from the basic mioTest® version, which assesses muscle performance, the range includes products with an increasing number of tests and instruments for assessing patients, including the first impedance meter developed specifically to resolve existing problems when taking measurements on the elderly (dehydration, tremors, etc.) with a new dynamic handgrip.

The technology is based on cloud-based software that collects and processes the data using a proprietary algorithm, instantly interpreting the results based on the most up-to-date standards and scientific evidence, and generating customized indications.

Mysurable S.r.l is an innovative start-up and a spinoff of the University of Bologna founded in 2018. It comprises a team with longstanding experience in geriatrics and medical research, electronic engineering, marketing, and business management.


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