VAIMEE S.r.l. (BO)

VAIMEE is an innovative startup and spinoff from the University of Bologna established in 2020. Its technology enables development of modular data-driven applications in an extremely safe and scalable environment.

Based on Open Source technologies, VAIMEE's horizontal Milkydataway solution is very flexible and can be implemented in any context, especially in domains characterized by heterogeneous, unstructured, and dynamic data.

Mysurable s.r.l. (BO)

Mysurable develop and manage innovative cloud-based technological solutions to measure changes in the functional condition of individuals in relation to ageing, with the mission of improving health over the years!

Mysurable have created mioTest®, the first integrated system for assessing muscle function and diagnosing sarcopenia. It is simply to use but scientifically validated, portable, automated, and of limited cost.

Guardian srl (RN)

Guardian is an innovative start-up that designs, develops, industrializes, and produces advanced IoT digital platforms specialized in environmental monitoring. These are used for the protection, safety, and safeguarding of people and infrastructures, with detection and early warning systems for earthquakes, environmental and natural disasters, and domestic accidents.